Ah choosing a photographer – it’s a big deal! Your Wedding pictures will most likely hang, in pride of place not only in your memory but in your home but the home of your family members too! After all it’s a day that you’ll never forget, and  what better way to relive every ounce of wedded bliss again and again than to invest in outstanding photography. 

Getting Wedding imagery right is a task in itself! So it’s incredibly important to choose a photographer who is on your wavelength, for so many reasons. This blog details the key considerations you must make when deciding on a wedding photographer, aiming to make the process just a little easier!

Photography Style

Do your research. A photographer’s portfolio is your best friend. These are usually easily accessed online, with artists wanting to display the work they have done in the past – but also making your decision easier!

A good photographer should be able to offer clients a variety of images, capturing every element of the day and showcasing the couple in the best light. However, you must ensure a photographer matches your preference. Be totally transparent with what you would like, your style and brief them directly before making a decision. This gives the photographer an opportunity to showcase their array of talents and prove that you are leaving your photography in capable hands!

 Are you feeling inspired?

Trusting someone to take your once-in-a-lifetime wedding photographs is a big deal, therefore you want to ensure you are both comfortable with that person.

Again, being on the same wavelength and feeling inspired and excited by their work acts as a good indicator of your decision. Go with your gut feeling! If you’re feeling uneasy with a photographer, it will show in your images of not only you as a couple, but with your guests too. This is the last thing you want. 


For a lot of couples, budget plays a big role in deciding if a photographer is suitable or not. However, this is a misconception in most cases. Photographers can often work with your budget to align with their pricing to ensure both parties are happy. Often there are a wide range of packages to choose from too, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s important however to not aim miles above the realms of your budget. This can waste the time of you and your possible photographer, it’s important to make your expectations clear from the offset. Don’t forget to consider that photography is an investment too. Your wedding photographs will become more precious as time goes by. This is an important to factor to consider when deciding on your budget for your wedding photography.


Truth be told, photographers must have the ability to wear many hats. Often they call the shots in regards to the timings of the day, organising the bridal party and ensuring everyone is happy – tough job! 

Ensure they are well adjusted to shooting weddings, have a knowledge of the venue and shots that are likely to work well. A top tip is to ensure that your photographer has an arranged visit to the venue, to check out potential locations for your photographs. This way you are confident that they will work efficiently on your special day meaning you aren’t away from your guests for too long.


Back in the day, as our parents would say, all good services came through recommendation. Being able to judge the quality of service from someone you trust is second to none – after all they’ve been through the process. This can also be helpful in looking at exactly what could be improved upon, any drawbacks and what exactly you want as a couple.

If you haven’t got any personal recommendations then a photographer should always provide some starry testimonials to leave you spellbound!

When planning your wedding photography, it’s important to take all these aspects into account. First and foremost, go in with a clear vision and don’t lose sight of it.  The factors combined will all affect your decision – but we know you’ll make the right one! At Love and Light Photography we put our heart and soul into creating imagery that will span the decades, taking you right back to the love that surrounds you that day. We are dedicated to creating the images that you want, suiting all styles and budgets.

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