Choosing your Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is often the first thing you think of when starting to plan your wedding. The most difficult part is knowing where to start. Do you need a wedding venue to accommodate both extended families or are you after a wedding venue that is a little more intimate and personal? Do like the idea of a modern hotel, a rustic barn or a picturesque castle?

Research is key

When choosing your wedding venue be careful not to fall into the trap of arranging visits to every venue you’ve ever heard of amidst all of your excitement. Not only will this leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed but you may also end up just choosing a venue to get the decision made and therefore missing out on what could be your dream venue. I recommend sitting down and chatting about what your vision for your wedding day is – deciding if you want a relaxed venue where friends and family can chill out all day or perhaps a luxury hotel with stunning interior and modern design. It’s also important to keep in mind your budget when choosing your wedding venue.

Which wedding venues have you been to before?

Have you attended friends or family members weddings perhaps before you were engaged? It’s likely then that you weren’t over analysing every part of the day compared to now when all you seem to think about is your dream day. Try to think back to those weddings and what you enjoyed about each of them or perhaps what didn’t do it for you. Sit down with your partner and start to make a list of what you require (such as capacity and location) and what you would like (for example traditional wooden beams and cosy fires).

Start with Google

Now it’s time to have fun – get online and look around to see what you can find. A simple searches on google and such as “Northern Ireland wedding venue” will start you off. From here you can narrow down based on the vision you have for your wedding day.

Below are a few example of terms you could search:

  • Rustic wedding venue Northern Ireland
  • Exclusive wedding venue Northern Ireland
  • Norther Ireland Castle wedding
  • Alternative wedding venue Northern Ireland
  • Award winning wedding venue Northern Ireland

Instagram can be your best friend

When you have found a few venues that you are drawn to check them out on Instagram for some recent images and different ideas of how you could personalise it to suit you both. Instagram is also great for showing real wedding during all the seasons of the year. Don’t forget that the season can play a big part in choosing your wedding venue – an outdoor venue probably won’t be top of your list if you’d love a winter wedding.

Time to arrange a viewing

Once you’ve (hopefully) fallen in love with a couple of venues it’s time to get in contact with them to arrange a viewing. This is the perfect opportunity for you both (along with your parents/best friend/sister maybe) to go along a see the venue yourselves and get lots more information.

Be prepared

When you are choosing your wedding venue it’s important to go to the venue prepared with a list of questions or information that you want to find out. You want to know what lies ahead so there are no surprises further down the line.

A few things you may want to ask are:

  • How many can the venue accommodate
  • Is there an initial cost to hire the venue or just a cost per head
  • Will we have a dedicated contact both throughout the planning and also on the day
  • Is there a corkage charge
  • What accommodation options are available for our guests
  • What initial deposit is required to secure our date

Hopefully once you have visited a couple of venues you’ll have found the one for you! With so much choice in Northern Ireland and Ireland you can be sure that your perfect venue does exist!

Once you’ve secured your venue and date get in touch to find out more about your Wedding Photography.

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