How To Make Your Summer Wedding Work in Winter

You’ve probably clicked onto this blog as you’re getting married, YAY!! Unfortunately with the global outbreak of Covid-19 you’ve had to postpone your wedding and you’re now wondering how you can make your summer wedding work in winter. You had maybe planned a super summery wedding and all of a sudden this has turned into a winter wedding and you’re not sure how to make this work. Well that’s where I come in – I’m here to help with some advice for you.

Add Sleeves to your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping is such an exciting experience as a bride! It can also be super stressful so when you find ‘The One’ it’s often a relief too. So your wedding dress was perfect for a June wedding but you’re not sure what to do now that you’re December bride. First up – your dress can still work in colder months – you do not need to change it or even buy another dress (the thought has crossed your mind, hasn’t it?!). Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you need to have a dress with sleeves but it certainly is an option. If this is something you’d like to consider I’d recommend getting in touch with your seamstress/bridal boutique to see if this is possible. There’s so many options for detachable sleeves these days that you could even have them on during the day then remove them at night for the party! This is a great option to keep you a little warmer bit also to have your dream dress that you probably spent hours picking. 

Bridal Accessories 

Another great option to make you summer wedding work in winter is to add a few accessories for you and your girls. This could be for the duration of your day or even just for the ceremony and any outdoor photos you may have. If your ceremony is planned to be in a large, old church I’d definitely recommend considering this as the heating always seems to be dodgy in their buildings and no one wants to be shivering during the “I Dos”! You can do this by adding a fur wrap for your bridesmaids or even some simple chunky knitwear too. You don’t even have to spent any more money to do this – you’d be surprised what you could find in your wardrobe that would be perfect. Leather jackets are a great bridal accessory and you could even get it personalised – check out Etsy for this!

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Wedding Shoes

So who else loves shoes here? I’m a big shoe fan which made my wedding shoe shopping lots of fun! I knew I wanted something unique that I would love on the day and also for years to come. I dreamt of a pair of Sophia Webster Wifey Sandals (aren’t they amazing?) and even made my mum and sister trek to Brown Thomas in Dublin to try them on. Sadly to be honest they were impossible to walk in and I struggled to justify the cost if they would never been worn again. I ended up getting the most amazing pair of sparkly blue court shoes and I really felt like a princess on my wedding day and have even worn them since! Sorry I got side tracked there but yes, shoes are important for your wedding day! If you had planned to wear a pair of open toe sandals maybe it’s time to reconsider and head shoe shopping again. No one wants to have freezing cold toes on their wedding day – especially if they’ll turn purple too! Why not opt for a boot instead? I’ve seen some amazing ones over on Pinterest. You could even slip back into your sandals for the evening party once you’re nice and cosy inside. 

We can’t forget about the Groom

As much as people like to say a wedding is all about the Bride – of course it literally couldn’t happen without the Groom so let’s see how we can get him prepared for a winter wedding too. Grooms are fortunate in that their usual wedding attire is quite cosy as it is, so they don’t have to worry. Perhaps their outfit doesn’t seem to suit a Winter wedding now but I’d offer the same advice as I’ve suggested for Brides. A Groom’s jacket can easily be switched up to perhaps a heavier material like wool or velvet to add some warmth. Or he could also add and a smart over coat which also adds some variety for your photos too. 

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Winter Flowers

Summer weddings are normally filled with an array of pastels combined with white and green which are beautiful for that time of year. When thinking about your wedding flowers you don’t have to change your colour scheme completely but just adapt it slightly to fit in with a Winter theme. If you’d planned to have a statement white bouquet this is still possible with some subtle deeper tones of greenery. Maybe you love pink flowers and you can still have them as your main colour scheme but also add a few deeper tones such as burgundy. Berries are also a great addition to winter bouquets – I love them!  My main advice here would be to chat to your florist – they really are the expert in this area. Although something to bear in mind is that some flowers are seasonal and won’t be available in Winter for example peonies. Your florist will be able to advise of beautiful alternatives for you. If you’re still looking for a florist here’s a few that I would really recommend:

Winter Decor

Decor is a relatively simply way to change the atmosphere of your Wedding. Winter Weddings are beautiful when filled with lots of little fairy lights, candles and lanterns. Light really helps to soften the mood and all your guests will be super relaxed. You may already have your centre pieces sorted but you could add a few little candles to make it more cosy. Or a few lanterns up the aisle would be beautiful. Although please be careful if you do decide to go with open candles as one of my friend’s burnt her dress on the way up the aisle!! (Thankfully she was quite chilled about it in the grand scheme of things and didn’t let it ruin her day). 

Another great way to add a Winter theme to your day is to embrace Christmas decorations! If your Wedding is planned for December (or even the end of November) you could make great use of any Christmas decorations your venue will be putting up anyway. This is a great way to avoid any additional cost. You could also add a few little personal Christmas touches that perhaps you will use in your home after your wedding too. Definitely get in touch with your venue if this is something you’d love. My Sister-in-law got married at the end of November and her venue had planned to put their Christmas decoration up the week after her wedding. However after chatting to them they happily did it a few days before so she could have a very Christmassy feel to her day and it was so lovely and festive! Top tip – don’t forget the mistletoe too!

You can also help your guests to embrace the Winter mood too my offering blankets or slippers for them to stay cosy. Your plans for an outdoor drinks reception could become an hot chocolate station packed with marshmallows and chocolate toppings – sounds bliss! Sparklers are also a great idea to brighten the winter evening and to get all your guests involved – plus it makes for amazing photos too!

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Your Day, Your Way! 

Probably one of the most important things I could say here is to remember that you don’t have to change any of the plans for your Wedding day if you don’t want to. If you still want those summer vibes in November, go for it! It’s your day and your guests will appreciate that. No matter how your Wedding day looks, I think it’s much more important how it feels. It might not be your ideal situation but it will still be a dream come true in marrying the one you love!

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