The key to an amazing wedding photo album is making sure you capture all the most important moments. We all know the classic wedding shots, but as a couple you put your faith in your photographer that he or she will capture the extraordinary moments. Move away from the staged venue pictures for a more candid, natural alternative which captures the true essence of your special day. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten must have wedding shots that will make your album, aside from the classic shots.

Here come the girls…

“Take a picture of us!” You don’t have to tell us twice. The epitome of girls fun, taking candid and posed shots, capturing the girls getting ready are memories that you’ll never forget!

…and not to forget the boys!

They may act like they don’t like having their pictures taken, but in reality they’re often worse than the girls! Capture the boys’ mischief out in full force as they prepare their pal for the aisle.

The Dress of Dreams

You will wear the dress all day, and dance the night away in it! But it’s important to snap an image of your dress hanging solo, to remember it in all its glory!

Ring Ring

We love seeing super creative ring shots. Hand in hand or something understated and different, you want to capture your fingers with your new life-long bling!


You know which one we’re talking about. Whether the happy couple choose to see each other for the first time before the ceremony or during, the “First Look” is often one of the most emotional and lovely moments of the wedding. Capturing the groom’s expression before he turns to look down the aisle is so special.

The Candid Couple Shot

You did it! Hooray – you’re finally married! Let your photographer capture the scene and you and your partner in action, snapping images of you both naturally beaming of happiness.

The Room Shot

 This is often easily forgotten and sacrificed for church or function room shots. Make sure that your photographer catches a glimpse of your décor as an empty room. Planning a Wedding takes a long number of months and hard earned cash, you want to remember it!

It’s not a party without cake!

The cake is often the centerpiece of your wedding dinner, the image that is framed for years to come. Instead of the conventional moment, why not catch the fun? (As if you were going to feed your other half lovingly!)

Getting in on the Action

 Just when you thought the photos were over for the day – think again. Make sure your photographer is willing to get in on the action. Catch your Great Auntie dancing the night away or your new brother-in-law jumping on stage – these are must have photos

The Stolen Kiss

It’s a day of entertaining your nearest and dearest, greeting all your guests and ensuring everyone is feeling welcome. It’s the special moments, the quiet stolen kisses on your Wedding Day that will mean the most. Having a snap of this moment will make the memories last an eternity.

 Truth be told, every image at your Wedding is a must have, simply because they capture memories of the day you wish you could relive again and again. Have a look at the shots you might want to have in mind, even if they’re not the conventional ones, you photographer will be able to judge if it’s possible! For more information on Love and Light Photography services you can visit our Home page or follow us on Instagram!